Monday, November 17, 2014

The 2015 Acura TLX is a Dynamic Blend

The 2015 Acura TLX comes into the mix to replace two Acura models that have now been phased out, the TL and the TSX.  Showing off with some awesome Acura engineering that features new eight and nine-speed automatic transmissions the TLX is a great way to show them off and let them out to be put through their paces.  Working its way into the luxury ranks and out of the premium model nameplates, the TLX comes equipped with a host of luxury features that allow Acura to offer a very nice luxury car that is going to be the basis for many of its future endeavors.  Having to compete with the Audi A4, Lexus IS and Infinity Q50, the TLX makes a bold statement of engineering excellence as well as high performance while driving.

Driving the TLX offers a great deal of control which is achieved in a multitude of ways.  First the suspension and braking systems are premium and some of the most advanced on the market today, allowing the TLX to hug the pavement with confidence regardless of the speeds going into and out of the corners.  Add to this the advanced four-wheel steering system of the TLX and the car has one of the highest rated and most advanced steering systems on the planet.  In addition to being able to control this awesome car at speeds, the cabin is one of the quietest on the market dispelling road noise and allowing occupants to fully enjoy the sounds only they want to hear.  Four driving modes allow drivers to enjoy the mode of their choice and that suits the situation the best for them, these modes are Econ, Normal, Sport and Sport+ for drivers to choose the mode that is right for them.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tumblr is a Great Place for Finding Content

The growing need for fresh content that car dealers can use is forcing many social media marketing providers to turn towards multiple sources when looking for images and videos to post. Tumblr is an under-utilized resource for this.

There is an unlimited supply of content available on Tumblr. The best part of it is that the majority of it is designed to be shared. Sure, there are some posts that are private and it's often hard to catch content that has been taken from a source willing to fight the copyright battle on the internet, but for the most part the content is safe for sharing as long as you are a little careful.

Sharing on social media requires content. Dealers can either create content (ideally) or find content on the internet. For those who do not have the time or resources to produce high-quality content, Tumblr can be a great place to find great car pics.

Simply go to Tumblr and do a search. You can do general searches such as "cars" or you can break it down into individual makes or models. The supply is pretty strong regardless of your searches or needs.

As always, proper attribution is necessary. It isn't just a legal thing. It's an overall right way to go about doing it. When you attribute the source with a link, you're not hurting yourself. In fact, you're adding the credibility that comes with fair play.

If you're not on Tumblr yet, you should make it happen soon.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our Take on Automotive Social Media

It doesn't take a lot for dealers to beat their competitors at social media. The majority of them are doing a very poor job as it is. Being better is not necessarily a good goal because the bar is already set so low for most.

However, being "outstanding" is a worthy goal, not just because it separates a dealership from the rest of the crowd, but because it's the path to actually selling more cars as a result of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The social media team over at Dealer Authority have done just that - helped dealers sell more cars.

This video, the first that they've released, breaks it all down in a quick and concise manner without going into the confusing details behind the process itself.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Automotive Social Media: Facebook Page Tips

As Social Engagement Increases, Privacy Decreases

The concept of The More Social We Get, the Less Private We’ll Become is explained well by Erin Ryan in this post on Soshable.

From the article: "As the most popular social network continues to break down boundaries that is unforeseen to us. Facebook has challenged us with not providing information up front or as easily accessible as we would hope for them to do. With insurmountable discussion’s questioning its methods and scaring many who use the social network to consider leaving the site. Is it really Facebook’s fault?"

* * *

Read more about Social Media Strategy here on Posterous.

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Yahoo Going Social and Other Social Media Stories - Social Blade Episode 44

Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogging? Here are ways to make your post perfect.

One of my good friends David Lux, Content Manager at TK Carsites, wrote an excellent blog post about Writing the Perfect Blog Post. It's meta, yes, but those who follow me know I love meta!

Consideration, research, ease of consumption, and being proactive are the fundamental premises behind the post, but I encourage you to read it yourself. It's worth it!

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